Our Investment

Value Creation

We create values in our portfolio companies using two types of solutions, investment solutions and operational solutions.

Investment Solutions

on behalf of our investors, we invest capital into companies to solve the special situations that they face.

Japanese small- and mid-sized companies typically are dependent on their founding owners. While the business succession of aging owners has been a serious issue, we also see an increasing need for support from relatively younger entrepreneurs.

In a situation that a company decides not to go to the public for various reasons, we provide liquidity to shareholders who wish to have their exit. We gather minority stakes held by VC investors, management, and current and former employees to make them a minority stake.

We carve out a good business in bankruptcy cases, or to inject new capital to better balance debt to equity ratio.

We often sponsor talented management in management buyout situations while providing an exit route for the existing shareholders.

We provide growth capital to companies with a high growth potential.

Operational solution

When we invest into a company, our investment team members provide hands-on operational support.

With our rich experience in the finance industry, we support portfolio companies to conduct M&As and work on post-merger integration. Also, we actively seek for bolt-on opportunities which can be an efficient way of deploying capital.

It is expected that the Japanese market will shrink as a result of decreasing population. It is a natural thought for Japanese companies to seek growth opportunities overseas. We support companies with unique business models or who have strong brand power to expand their overseas business.

We search internally and externally for successor management, and provide the necessary training and support.

We help our portfolio companies to optimize operation locations, numbers of staff members, and to make optimal decisions to take/reject business projects.